2021 Masterclass Theme

With its devastating and far-reaching consequences, the pandemic has made clear that health and wealth are inextricably interlinked. The rapid development and introduction of new interventions to fight COVID-19 has also demonstrated that the value of healthcare interventions go far beyond narrowly defined patient benefits.


What is the real value of a highly effective vaccine for COVID-19? What wouldn’t a society pay to rid itself of the virus?


Whilst the broader value of treatments and vaccines are acknowledged at the height of the pandemic, it is critical that in the post-pandemic recovery period, that health systems invest in interventions that create the greatest value.


The 2021 Masterclass Series will take attendees through the journey of exploring value from multiple perspectives, providing tools to identify consolidated and novel sources of value, and generate compelling evidence to demonstrate them.


Whilst value assessments are necessary to ensure that healthcare expenditure is optimal, there is also a need for a common understanding of what constitutes value, capturing what matters most to patients, society, and payers.


Demonstrating Value: evolving with innovation” will explore this lively technical and policy debate, where the evolving and sometimes challenging nature of innovative interventions is not always matched by the value assessment paradigms applied by country decision-makers.


OHE’s 2021 Masterclass may be virtual but its excellence will be real. Join OHE experts and a faculty of international thought-leaders in this stimulating and insightful series on Demonstrating Value.


Who should join:


  • Leaders and managers heading market access, value evidence and health economics & outcome research teams who want to gain insights on the economic arguments to expand the current definition of value used by payers, the evidence needed, optimal pathways to generate and present it to decision-makers

  • Leaders and managers running medical, government and regulatory affairs teams who want to gain a solid understanding of critical concepts related to value assessment and insights on how to make the case for broader benefits consideration in decision-making

  • Researchers and decision-makers who lead research and initiatives aimed at improving methods and evidence base for a value-based, stakeholder-endorsed decision-making


Why join:


  • To gain a deep-dive on theory and real-world evidence on the current debate on the value of innovative interventions to patients, healthcare systems and society, and anticipate future developments

  • To discuss and understand opportunities and barriers for the incorporation of broader sources of value which matter the most to patients and society, in terms of payers and decision-makers acceptability and evidence requirements

  • To understand the optimal approaches and solutions to improve patients, health systems and industry outcomes in areas of high unmet need such as rare diseases



Exploring Value: Novel Elements for Breakthrough Treatments


Patient Outcomes: Measuring What Matters to Patients


The Patient Voice: Capturing Patient Preferences in Decision-making


Adaptive Pathways: Generating Evidence of Value


Innovation for Small Populations: What Should we Pay for?

* A reduced rate is available for public sector workers. Please email events@ohe.org for special registration instructions.