Patient Outcomes:

Measuring What Matters to Patients

THU 6 MAY | 14:00-17:30 GMT

Value assessment and reimbursement agencies require evidence on accepted measures to ascertain a treatment’s impact on patients’ health-related quality of life. Yet evidence shows that what is important to patients in their treatment journey is often misrepresented or not adequately captured by established outcome measures. We’re not capturing what matters most to patients.


In the second OHE Masterclass in the Demonstrating Value series, OHE presents innovative approaches to understanding and measuring patient outcomes, improving conventional methods to bring in condition-specific attributes.


The Masterclass experts explain how to generate vital insights into patients’ health based on widely used patient-reported outcomes, and outline new strategies based on the most recent developments in the methodology. This Masterclass will also provide a unique opportunity to reflect on ways to move the debate beyond narrow definitions of health measurement to capture broader sources of value using wellbeing measures, which can quantify improvements in the lives of patients, their families, and carers.


Join OHE's thought leaders to understand how to characterise a patient-centred evidence package.

* A reduced rate is available for public sector workers. Please email for special registration instructions.